Choosing a Consultant or an Accountant? Take Care of 9 things.


Choosing a Consultant or an Accountant? Take Care of 9 things.
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When looking for services, it is pervasive for anyone to go for a service provider who would charge less. That is just a simple fact of human nature. We look for the most economical option. The same holds even when we are seeking the services of a GST or Tax consultant or an accountant. Some rely on recommendations and referrals without even bothering to check if the service provider is reliable and can be accounted for. That could be disastrous for business and also business relations.
As a matter of fact, choosing the right consultant or accountant is an art. If you master it, it becomes considerably easy to get rid of business problems. We don't mean to discourage you from looking for economical options, but only suggest not to make fees your primary criteria for hiring a service professional in matters as grim as those related to your business. What we mean to say is that you should seek information about the service professional's past work and experience to judge the credibility. To make things easier for you, here is our list of things you must take care while hiring a consultant or an accountant:
1. Qualification:
You must know the professional service qualifications and demand his educational certificate. Don't hesitate on asking that. Verify everything yourself rather than depending on word-of-mouth.
2. Trustworthy:
The biggest asset to a service professional's reliability is his past employer and current clients. Seek their feedback and learn their experience with the service professional. Remember, you will be handing over your confidential information to the expert, and you must ensure that you are entrusting a trustworthy person with your data.
3. Update:
Ask the consultant as to how he/she keeps himself/herself updated with the recent changes in GST, the way he/she will keep you posted and how soon. Keep in mind that your consultant needs to be well-informed and thoroughly updated, so your business does not face repercussions due to lack of knowledge.
4. TaxTech:
Returns are being filed online now, and all communication with the department takes place over the web. You will see notifications flashing on your dashboard or in your email. That's why you must ensure that the consultant must be well versed in English and is internet savvy, so he/she can deal with any urgent issues without delay or irregularities.

Take care 9 things

5. In Untoward Instances:
There can be situations when the consultant is either not well or is not available due to pressing matters. Discuss well in hand as to who would deal with your business matters in such cases. This is important because any failure on behalf of your consultant can lead to your business' bad scorecard, penalties, and interest.
6. Accountability:
One of the primary responsibilities of a service professional is to be accountable. Discuss in detail as to who will be responsible for any mistake done on behalf of the consultant.
7. Immediate Support:
It is not uncommon for urgent situations to fall in the way. Notices for scrutiny, audit, or investigation can come at any time. Officers can arrive at his whim without prior notice. Your consultant should be able to offer support in an immediate crisis. 
8. Capability:
Remember that you will be hiring a consultant or accountant only because you either don't have enough time to manage everything yourself or lack of proper knowledge of GST. This makes it even more critical for you to make sure that the service professional is capable and has the expertise to get you to get out of trouble himself.
9. Experienced:
Nothing beats practical experience. Often the most experienced professionals can get better-desired results than those with plenty of degrees. This is because expertise teaches consultant ways to deal with terrible problems. So, make sure your consultant/account is highly experienced.
Apart from all these, business people have an acute sense of analyzing a person's caliber. Make use of that to the fullest to choose the right consultant for your business. It is your business that is at stake here. Get over budget constraints to make the right choice and benefit in the long run.