Our Take on the Movie Padman.


Our Take on the Movie Padman.
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There is no dearth of good movies in the mainstream Hindi cinema. But, in the recent years, we have seen great contribution from parallel cinema with movies mirroring real rural and urban life. These have successfully portrayed the hardships people face and the real face of the Indian society with excellent messages that compel people to take action and make progress. One such movie is Padman, with Akshay Kumar as the lead protagonist. The movies goes on the show how menses are considered unholy and women are, thereby, prohibited from performing a range of activities and household chores during their periods. It shows the life of Lakshmi, inspired from the real life hero Arunachalam Muruganantham from Tamil Nadu, who took on the responsibility to make sanitation available for women. In the past, and even today, a lot of women contract diseases because of either lack of sanitation or improper disposal of used cloth.

Well, as a matter of fact, it is ignorance around sanitation, the unavailability of sanitary napkins and, finally, the cost factor which are reasons for the low acceptance rate in rural areas. Women cannot afford to buy costly sanitary napkins manufactured by MNCs. On the other hand, using cloth in menses increases the chances of contracting diseases. In the movie, the protagonist is ridiculed by the society, and even his family members, for his quest to make sanitary napkins readily available and affordable for women in his village. After a long struggle, when people begin to realize how his efforts are a step towards the upliftment of the women, they make them a hero.

Such is the plight of the society we live in. It is always hard to make changes. People around you will resist to changing, will laugh at your efforts and will almost disapprove of any change that is brought about. This is particularly true in the case GST as well. People are apprehensive of it. They don’t want to change and are highlight flaws in the GST framework in the bid to avoid make changes in their own business processes. However, this is the time to show resilience and not be rigid. There is no need to fear GST. Together, if we adopt technology and work towards accepting GST,  you can benefit your business a lot. All you need is the willingness to change and accept your responsibility as a citizen of the country to stay aware and spread awareness.


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