Subject Matter Experts make life tension free.


Subject Matter Experts make life tension free.
Apr, 2022
By Jash Karan

Namaskar DOST!

Recently, in a case, it has been experienced that not taking advice from experts becomes a cause of trouble in the matter of investigation and may even lead to an arrest.

Issue Involved :

An inquiry comes from the department regarding a bogus bill, and the taxpayer replies that they have not claimed input tax credit at all, not giving a justifiable explanation with corroborative evidence. Then why is there no balance in the Electronic Credit Ledger, and whose ITC is claimed in GSTR 3B? Besides that, the Input Tax Credit Register and other documents were not submitted on-demand in their entirety but always seeking an extension.

Why issue becomes problematic :

It bothered the GST investigating officers as they were scolded by their Senior Officers. To protect their skin, they wrote an adverse remark in the note sheet that the taxpayer is not cooperative, and he is hiding the facts, so that they could not accused of trying to save the taxpayer by taking money from him.

Duty of Advisor :

A consultant has to advise the taxpayer that-

1. Investigation, audit, assessment etc., are now time-bound.

2. Required information and documents have to be submitted within the time and in a manner that the Officer understands.

3. Extension has been taken only in exceptional situations.

4. Merely saying or appearing is not enough. He has to respond thoughtfully during the summoning because what is said is written. Nowadays, videography has also started during Summon.

Our Belief :

We believe that guidance in a departmental proceeding like investigation, audit, assessment, etc., is always taken from GST Expert who has dealt with such matters.

It is not necessary that a person who drives a Swift car can also drive an automatic vehicle properly. So always keep the expert in the driving seat where there is complexity or required expertise.