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E-way bill hurls movement of goods back into chaos, signals the return of the Inspector Raj on highways



The GST is a variant of the Value Added Tax (VAT), and naturally one thought the stifling, irritating, dilatory and corrupting physical inspection of trucks at check posts would be a thing of past. But sadly, that hasn’t been the case mainly because the revenue collections from the comprehensive GST have not met expectations of Rs 1 lakh crore a month. The actual collections have been averaging between Rs 85,000 crore to Rs 90,000 crore a month.

The e-way bill then is a knee-jerk reaction to plug tax evasion. And how? By empowering GST inspectors to fan out on national highways and expressways to stop a vehicle, or set up check posts at vantage points to intercept trucks and verify papers i.e. the e-way bill which should find a mention in the GST return. In other words, we are hurtling back to chaos and hence this is a retrograde move. 
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