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Interest from Saving A/c, PPF & Loan to friends/family is includable in threshold limit for GST Registration: Guj. AAR



If you are a Registered Taxpayer having turnover more than 100 crores.

Wondering if your company comes under the category for the E-invoicing change coming from the 1st of January 2021?

Wishing if you had one software solution which can adapt to all changes that come and you never have to worry about GST?

This is precisely the case with GST Dost customers as we are always on the lookout for changes and update our software with a solution so that our customers never have to worry about anything!

Contact Us to know more about the upcoming change and how you can centralize everything and solve all your GST worries once and for all!!!

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If you are an Accounting Software Developer

You will be wondered to know that our team has also generated E-Invoice and E Way Bill from accounting software built on Foxpro DBMS. Therefore you cannot refuse to accept the fact that EI and EWB can now be integrated into accounting software of every kind.

So if you are Accounting Software Developer, and you are worried about how to integrate EI and EWB in your accounting software, then don't be frustrated. You have an opportunity to move forward.

Talk to us now and turn the opportunity into profit.

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