About GST Dost

GST DOST has come a long way since its inception way back in 2001. Led by DOST Vikash Dhanania, GST DOST – previously known as My Service Tax – is an acclaimed team of seasoned taxation professionals, Chartered Accountant (CAs), Company Secretary (CSs), and Advocates with thorough knowledge of GST. We are committed to offering solutions that are personalized to your business' needs. We have been helping Retail, Enterprise and Corporate Sectors stay in total control of themselves through our services. We bring together our experience, taxation knowledge, foresight and acumen to offer effective consultation, migration assistance and helpful insights that help businesses steer their way out of trouble.

We also understand that you may have questions regarding the scope of GST and its implementation. Our dedicated professionals have you covered, always. We will suggest you the best practices to help you comply with GST laws so that your business can continue to flourish. Our experts are available to assist you even in odd hours and go beyond the customary corporate practices to help you out when you need us. We have been building a family ever since we started. This is how GST DOST has earned the reputation of DOST - your knowledgeable GST expert.


Why GST Dost ?


    100% Confidentiality of Information


    No False Commitment


    Quality Services


    Multilingual Consultation



Reliable Dost
We earned our reputation as a reliable tax consultant for businesses and individuals through its persistent commitment and a track record that speaks volumes of our credibility.
24X7 Support
We have served small, medium and big businesses fight the fear of taxation phantom through sound consultation and on-time service delivery for years.
Proven Result
We bank on driving results. Our experienced and motivated professionals thrive on their deliverability and their unmatched ability to offer personalized solutions that are unique to your business needs.
Our Fees
While our service may not come cheap, we justify our charges through quality and value-for-money service. You can even ask for refund if you are dissatisfied with our services, even though we are sure you won't need to.