India Jaane GST


India should discuss and understand GST as it also brings the concept of SABKE LIYE EK JAISA BHARAT. GST not only helps in increasing business prospects for businesses and profession which work with complete transparent and proper books of accounts but also increases the productivity, transparency, time saving, and ultimately offers peace of mind. Now people can have more time for their business and family. That means there are more reasons to have a smile on their face.


That also brings us to the fact that any change brings resistance because it involves cost, effort, time and a change in thought and behavior. However, bringing about awareness on the benefits that the change will entail will facilitate the change and motivate people to accept it.


Therefore, TEAM DOST has become a part of this national campaign to do the following:


- Raise Awareness about GST
- FREE Seminar on GST including Coffee with DOST
- Telephone Helpline and Online Chatting
- Multilingual Consultation even in odd hours
- Offer Huge Discount for Senior Citizen in our products
- Employment opportunities for unemployed youth and women working for Home
- Low price product range for migration, registration and compliance
like online consultation kit @ 199/- only, migration @ 1999/- only including all taxes